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Posted by alecaos - October 6th, 2018

Hey guys! I have not been making animations for quite a long time but im making sprites of them like Kelzad Gibb50 and dylan and even mine! And if you follow me on yourtube i made a new madness animation link:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nTPMXImkssM yeah i know its too short but i tried my best also i made the sprites of the guys with yellow glasses but i guess you guys already know that also what i should make next?

an art?

or an animation? (if an animation give me ideas of what it will be about)

and know bye


Posted by alecaos - September 22nd, 2018

Well im back i improved a lot making madness animations with pivot i thinked of coming back and im back on madness day and i made some new sprite you gotta check this out! It is in my art i insipired by gabriel barsch anyways i will try make as much  animations as possible i hope they will be on newgrounds because i dont want them to dissapear like my others so yea thats pretty much the news

Posted by alecaos - June 21st, 2018

hello guys i make this post for tell you guys that i will make videos on my youtube channel because i will stop making animations on newgrounds because they got removed.But this dont means that i will not make madness combat zombie! I will make it on my youtube channel link:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKPnUp6u0DqeIxJkLmTl3rw?view_as=subscriber   I know i  joined from like 3 days but i will come back making animations on newgrounds when i will improve

-sincerely alecaos

Posted by alecaos - June 20th, 2018

So im gonig to start a zombie series on madness combat there will be my character and some other characters that is obvious and i made the zombie sprite by myself and maybe it i will make weekly episode or i will put the episode when i finish it and i will make backgrounds characters and more! For now you guys can see a treailer https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/712914 Ok that dont explains much about the series. well much will be explained in the first episode and other episodes you guys can tell me how the zombies looks they are not so bad and  i inspired by LittleluckyLink for the zombie. Byeee

Posted by alecaos - June 20th, 2018

so for my next animation im going to make some sprites for now i only made me and im making a zombie! Also i will make a zombie series and thats pretty much it

Posted by alecaos - June 20th, 2018

Hello im alecaos and i will make  animations and arts of madness combat (sometimes i will do something that is not of madness combat)  Anyways if you want check out my test i know is not that good because im just at the start